With his company "Paul Brugel Audio Productions" Paul creates customized musicproductions, specially for recordcompanies, artists, labels and radio stations. Currently there are more than 43 mixcompilations released on CD and most mixes are available on downloadportals like Itunes and Beatport.

Besides the releases, there are also mixes broadcasted on national and regional radiostations as Radio 10, Radio 8 and TOPradio.

Also renowned artists uses mixes of Paul for their live performances like 2 unlimited:

Some other references:

+ BIP Records
+ Mental Madness Records
+Mid Town Records
+ Berk music
+ Mostiko Records
+ Digidance
+ Impart Productions
+ ZOO Records
+ Radio Decibel
+ Radio 10
+ Radio 8 FM
+ TOPRadio

Paul is also active as a (ghost) producer, and makes custom-tracks and mixes for DJs, artists, labels and record companies (Premixes, Yearmixes, DJ sets, mashups, mixcompilations ....) who use / released the mixes on their behalf.

All musicproductions are produced in collaboration with the client. Deadlines will be respected. On his official Soundcloud page & Facebook you can find a selection of released tracks and mixes.

Besides producing mixes, paul is also active as a producer of tracks. Lot of his dancetracks are signed on serveral labels as Berk Music, Mid-Town Records, Mental madness Records and on his own label, BRGL Records

Do you want a customized mix or musicproduction? Mail to: info@Paulbrugel.com or call +31 (0) 611523374