In the 80-ties Paul get addicted to mixing music.He starts to make mixes with a taperecorder and turntable in his room and soon a lot of mixes illegally circulated in the dance-scene.

The next few years music keep his interest and soon he gets his own radioshow on a local radiostation Radio Stad FM Roosendaal, called weekend dance.
Its also a start of his appearance as a dj on serval dancelocations in the Nederlands.
Belgiums radiostation C-Dance gets interested in the mixes of Paul, and soon Paul gets his own radio show on this national Belgiums radiostation.
More clubs in the Nederland and Belgium gets interested in DJ sets of Paul, and for several years Paul becoms resident DJ of big clubs like de Kelder, Hank & Zenith, Venray.

Paul also focused on producing dancemusic, and a release of his first single can not be missed. Recordslabel Berk Music gives Paul a recorddeal and his first single is a fact, 'nothing to change my love for you'
Single is doing very well, the track also appears on many CD hitcompilations. Many releases follow, and Paul signs other tracks by recordcompanies like Cloud9, BIP Records and Yummy.

A lot of Recordcompanies likes Paul's mixproductions and asked Paul to make CD-mixcompilations.
Recordshops are filled with mixcompilations produced by Paul as Re: mxed, Summerjams hitmix and Greatest hits of 2007, the Yearmix.
Also Radiostations in Netherlands en Belgium are interested in Paul's mixes, and a lot of mixes are broadcasting on radiostations like Radio 10, Radio 8 and TOPradio.
Paul is also asked by artists for the mastering and editing artist tapes, and to make exclusive mixproductions for using on live performances such as the 2 Unlimited megamix and remixes / mashups (Jump for joy)

From now on Paul is currently focus on his (mix) productions and DJ Sets. To give an idea what Paul is mixing on his gigs, please check his most recent mixtape