Allround DJ, (Ghost) Producer & MEGA-MIXER:


More than 25 years in da mix!

For more than 25 years, Paul rocks clubs and events in the Netherlands and Belgium with his energetic and wide-ranging DJ sets.
Paul is also known for his musicproductions for radiostations, labels and artist.


With his 25 years of experience as an all-round DJ in Netherlands and Belgium (De Kelder, Zenith, matrixx, Dixies, Highstreet, C-Dance, Lost memories...) Paul makes a great party with his unique DJ-sets on every event!

By making a quick alternation of all genres of music in his DJ set and selfmade intro's, mashups and edits of tracks, Paul makes his sets very unique and therefore Paul is a well-liked DJ for events and clubs.


As a megamixer Paul makes custom-made mixes specially for recordcompanies, labels, artists and radio stations under his own name and as a ghost producer.

Currently there are more than 43 mixcompilations released on CD and most mixes are available on downloadportals like Itunes and Beatport, and a lot of his mixes are broadcasted on national and regional radiostations in Netherlands and Belgium like Radio 10, Radio 8 and Topradio. Also renowned artists uses mixes of Paul for their worldwide live performances like 2 unlimited.

Paul is also known for his dancetracks who are signed on serveral labels as Berk Music, Mid-Town Records and on his own label, BRGL Records