Allround DJ, Producer & MEGA-MIXER


More than 24 years in da mix!

For more than 24 years, Paul rocks every club and event with his energetic and wide-ranging DJ sets.
Paul is mostly known for his mixproductions and tracks for radiostations, labels and artist.


With his 24 years of experience as an all-round DJ, Paul makes a great party with his unique DJ-sets on every event!

By making a quick alternation of all genres of music in his DJ set and selfmade intro's, mashups and edits of tracks, Paul makes his sets very unique and therefore Paul is a well-liked DJ for events and clubs.


Paul is also known for his unique mixing work. Paul makes custom-made mixes at his own company, specially for recordcompanies, labels, artists and radio stations.

Currently there are more than 40 mixcompilations released on CD and most mixes are available on downloadportals like Itunes and Beatport.
Besides the releases, there are also mixes broadcasted on national and regional radiostations likeRadio 10, Radio 8 and Topradio.
Also renowned artists uses mixes of Paul for their live performanceslike 2 unlimited